Yoga Teacher Training

350 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

15 January - 29 October 2023

**Only 3 spots left before it is SOLD OUT **

Join 10 teacher trainees in our upcoming World Class, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training.

Be mentored by Experts in their fields of Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Trauma Psychology, Womens' Health and Yoga.
Based at Freedom Float Centre in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Australia.

These trainings have sold out every year since beginning, and fill up very quickly. If you are interested please be sure to apply as soon as possible.

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Yoga Teacher Training For Trauma with mentors within the fields of Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Trauma Psychology and Yoga.

"Having already completed 200hours yoga teacher training and many years at university studying nursing and health sciences, I have high standards. This training has been absolutely next level. Both for me as a professional yoga teacher and health care practitioner, but also as a life long student of yoga, always diving deeper into the practice and teachings and making me reflect on my own life, habits and growth. It is a big commitment, this is not a wishy washy course. The content is deep, thorough and professionally delivered in a way that is accessible to all students. Mollie and Ollie, the facilitators, are kind, compassionate and patient with learners. They focus on empowerment and built up our own capacity to be the best we can be, to start our own yoga businesses and to keep learning so we can be the best teachers and supports for our students in future."

- Kate, a 2021 Jala Yoga Graduate

What to expect

Our 350 hour Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training is designed to provide a bridge between Traditional Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy and evidence-based Psychology, Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Women's Health.

The Jala Yoga Teacher Training delivers a comprehensive, theoretical and hands-on program with the intention of equipping you with the knowledge you need to become a resourceful, critical thinking Yoga Teacher who stands out in a saturated market. 

You will emerge from our 350-hour Teacher Training with an International Accreditation and with the confidence, tools and support network you need to jump straight into your Yoga Teaching career.


The Pillars of the Jala Yoga Teacher Training

Integrity and high quality education is important to us, which is why we base all of our trainings upon these pillars.

Evidence Based Teacher Training

Evidence Based

This training prides itself on its evidence based approach, offering you the most recent research on each topic covered. 
The evidence based approach to Yoga and the Therapeutic side of the practice will enable you to develop skills to work alongside Heath Professionals.

Trauma Informed Teacher Training

Trauma Informed

This training equips you with tools to be able to prepare classes in a Trauma Informed way, as well as handle any abreaction with professionalism and a knowledge  of how to help within the scope of a Yoga Teacher. We train you how to liaise with Mental Health Professionals.

Small Groups Teacher Training

Small groups

The Teacher Training groups are capped at 10 Trainee's to ensure you will receive one-to-one guidance and attention. 
You will receive individual mentoring from each of the members of Faculty based on your learner type and learning goals.
Your learning experience is our utmost priority.

Selfless Service Teacher Training

Selfless Service

Selfless Service (Seva) is at the forefront of Jala Yoga, with Beach Clean Up's running monthly. You will have the opportunity to facilitate these events as a way to gain experience working with the community, while embodying the philosophy of Yoga and giving back. 

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Yoga Teacher Training Course Inclusions

  • A printed Teacher Training Manual 
  • One-to-one ongoing support and mentoring from all Teachers 
  • A printed Jala Yoga Ashtanga Primary Series Sheet
  • One-to-one Physiotherapy Body assessment with Physiotherapist Oliver Crossley 
  • One day Silent Retreat
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Class
  • Discounts on Jala Yoga Private Classes, Massage Therapy, Products, Retreats, Events and Workshops
Teacher Training Course Inclusions
350 hour Teacher Training Gold Coast


The 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training takes place over 10 months, with 4 terms.

The course dates are 15 January - 29 October 2023

The structure of the course is -

Term 1 : 15 January - 19 March 2023

* Small Break *

Term 2 : 1 April - 11 June 2023

(with no contact days for Easter)

* Holiday Break with homework *

Term 3 : 8 July - 3 September 2023

* Small Break *

Term 4 : 16 September - 29 October 2023

Contact day lectures will take place on weekends, mostly fortnightly, varying based on modules presented. There is self paced online content, and live lectures via zoom.

Download the Prospectus for exact dates.

Note - if the replay of the lecture is needed, it will require a 200 word written summary of the replay to assure the faculty team it was absorbed.

The Course is for you :

  • If you are wanting to invest energy into a Yoga Teacher Training that equips you with all of the tools they will need to cut through a saturated market
  • If you are searching for a Teacher Training Course that covers ALL you need to become a confident, knowledgeable teacher, with a wide lens of how Yoga can serve your students
  • If you are craving to know why we practice Yoga, and would love to learn from experts in their field in an evidence-based, research driven Yoga Teacher Training
  • If you are wanting to deepen your own practice, and learn how to adapt the practice of Yoga to suit all stages of life
  • If you are an existing Yoga teacher looking to add a new qualification to your repertoire that covers Trauma informed yoga training, Pre & Post Natal yoga teacher training, Yoga Therapeutics for Injury Recovery and Management of various Medical conditions
  • If you are a Health professional/ practitioner looking to add more tools to the way you serve your patients (i.e. integrating Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama into treatment plans etc.)
  • If you would like individualised attention & mentoring, with support shaped around your learning type in order for you to reach your learning goals
Teacher Training Course Outline: Anatomy, pranayama, meditation, chinese medicine, yoga psychology, ayurveda
Teacher Training Mollie Yoga Instructor


Founder + Lead Teacher

Teacher Training Mentor Physiotherapist and Senior Teacher


Physiotherapist + Senior Teacher

Teacher Training Mentor Psychologist



Teacher Training Mentor Chinese Medicine Practitioner



Teacher Training Mentor Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Pelvic Physiotherapist  

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