Mentorship Program for Teachers

These mentorships are an opportunity to work one-on-one with Mollie, diving head first into your Self Practice and all things teaching Yoga. She will share with you everything she has accumulated over her 11 years of practicing Yoga, Meditation + Yoga Philosophy under some of the world’s best teachers around the world, as well as over 24 years of her own movement practices.

This program is an invaluable investment for teachers, where Mollie has the opportunity to break down all areas of teaching in a one-to-one setting. Mollie works with each student to build their confidence, business skills, or teaching tool kit. 

Mollie believes the one thing missing in Yoga in the West is a lack of mentoring and structure within teaching. She works closely with her mentors to grow personally and professionally, and dedicates countless hours to ongoing development as a teacher so she can serve you better. 

This program is available online or in-person.

For in-person sessions, they will take place at Mollie's Treehouse Space in Currumbin Valley.

Who is this program for

  • Freshly graduated Yoga Teachers who would like assistance integrating what they have learnt, and finding direction in starting a business
  • Yoga Teachers who are craving to learn again in a setting that enables freedom and flexibility
  • Yoga Teachers wanting to develop specific areas of their teaching (i.e. Cuing, Adjustments, Sequencing etc.) 
  • Yoga Teachers wanting help navigating Yoga Business. (i.e finding your niche based on your skill set, learning to speak to them, then serving them well!)
  • Yoga Teachers wanting to develop skills that will aid in Trauma Informed teaching, or meeting demographics like Pre and Post Natal Mama's, Mental Health or various Medical conditions
  • Yoga Teachers wanting to develop their Self Practice, and movement tools outside of Yoga Asana that will aid in longevity within their career (and practice!)
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Eric's Experience

“Mollie radiates Yoga. She is a passionate and authentic Ashtanga practitioner and teacher that offers a holistic healing and therapy through Yoga. With Jala Yoga, Mollie embodies that traditional values and philosophy of Yoga and blends it with the leading edge scientific discovery making the whole accessible and effective for her students. Mollie is also a great movement specialist. Such an inspiration! If you want to improve the range of motion of your body, I only can recommend her teachings. I met Mollie when I participated on a Teacher Training in India. I have just finished the Mentorship Program where I dove deeper into my self-practice. I love the precision and accuracy of Mollie's teachings, she is very knowledgeable and almost has answers to all of my questions... which is not an easy one!"

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What's included?

3 Month Program : 

  • One weekly session with Mollie tailored entirely to your learning goals (13 in total)
  • A free Body Analysis + Consultation Session with Physiotherapist Oliver Crossley (valued at $100)
  • A Jala Yoga Self Practice Sheet (valued at $50)
  • Access to the Jala Yoga Chakra Series Online Program (Valued at $200)
  • Weekly emails with Mentorship VIP content of eBooks + Guided Meditations

6 month Program : 

  • One weekly session with Mollie tailored entirely to your learning goals (25 in total)
  • A free Body Analysis + Consultation Session with Physiotherapist Oliver Crossley (valued at $100)
  • A Jala Yoga Self Practice Sheet (valued at $50)
  • Access to the Jala Yoga Chakra Series Online Program (Valued at $200)
  • Weekly emails with Mentorship VIP content of eBooks + Guided Meditations
  • 5% discount on all Jala Yoga Retreats, Workshops + Events

Apply here

Follow the link below to apply for the Mentorship Program. 
*All information is strictly confidential *

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