Mentorship Program for Practitioners

These mentorships are an opportunity to work one-on-one with Mollie, diving head first into your practice. She will share with you everything she has accumulated over her 14 years of practicing Yoga, Meditation + Yoga Philosophy under some of the world’s best teachers around the world, as well as over 24 years of her own movement practices.

This program provides you with an opportunity to learn some of the things you would typically learn on a Teacher Training, but without the pressure of assessments, and with plenty of space to ask questions specific to how it can apply to you as an individual.

This program is available online or in-person.

For in-person sessions, they will take place at Mollie's Treehouse Space in Currumbin Valley.

Who is this program for

  • Those brand new to Yoga who want to learn how to adapt the practice to their bodies + assistance in learning the foundational elements of the practice

  • Regular practitioners who would like to dive deeper into the Philosophy, Pranayama etc. that isn’t always available in a general class setting

  • Mama's to be that feel more comfortable and safe in their bodies in a one-to-one setting
  • Practitioners who don’t want to commit to a Teacher Training, but still learn similar content to deepen their Self Practice

  • Practitioners with health concerns / injuries or recovering from childbirth/ surgery, who are looking to re-enter their practice with awareness + need support

  • Those coming with a referral from a Psychologist, Physiotherapist, GP or other Health Professional

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Vanessa's Experience

“Mollie was my first ever Yoga teacher and oh my gosh it was love at first sight/class. I started doing her yin yoga classes for a year, then I was blessed to go to India with Mollie on her Retreat. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. I have just completed the Mentorship program and learnt about the Ashtanga Series with Mollie, and oh my god talk about next level! It's honestly been life changing and challenging. I am constantly amazed by how Yoga practice relates to real life experiences and how through my practice I am growing as a person and learning to love life again. The one-on-one class is honestly so beneficial. The things I am learning you would never learn in a class."

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What's included?

3 Month Program : 

  • One weekly session with Mollie tailored entirely to your learning goals (13 in total)
  • A free Body Analysis + Consultation Session with Physiotherapist Oliver Crossley (valued at $100)
  • A Jala Yoga Self Practice Sheet (valued at $50)
  • Access to the Jala Yoga Chakra Series Online Program (Valued at $200)
  • Weekly emails with Mentorship VIP content of eBooks + Guided Meditations

6 month Program : 

  • One weekly session with Mollie tailored entirely to your learning goals (25 in total)
  • A free Body Analysis + Consultation Session with Physiotherapist Oliver Crossley (valued at $100)
  • A Jala Yoga Self Practice Sheet (valued at $50)
  • Access to the Jala Yoga Chakra Series Online Program (Valued at $200)
  • Weekly emails with Mentorship VIP content of eBooks + Guided Meditations
  • 5% discount on all Jala Yoga Retreats, Workshops + Events

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* All information is strictly confidential *

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Kimberley's Experience

“I believe everyone needs a teacher/mentor. Mol was a great moral compass helping me navigate my whole life. Yoga gave me the presence I needed so I could "show up" for myself. Asana was very essential for my injury but most importantly I could dance to whatever tune life threw at me, and there were many! Alot of teachers can "know"everything but not all teachers "tune in" to your spirits needs on that moment of that day. I started the mentorship with a career in mind and I finished with a self practice for life,a soul friend in Mol and a huge expansion on life's direction.”